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Episode 3 – Boxcutters

In episode 3 of the podCraft, Jade is joined by TV aficionados Josh Kinal, Brett Cropley and John Richards of the Boxcutters podcast.

Prepare to hear one of the most rambled pre interviews known to man, left in for your listening pleasure. We talk everything from that age old gem, ‘What’s wrong with Aussie TV,’ through to the large number of Boxcutters fans that seem to hovering around the JOY studios.

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Episode Two – Jesse Thorn

America's radio sweetheart, Jesse Thorn

America's radio sweetheart, Jesse Thorn

For two episodes in a row I’ve had to overcome my starstruck-ness first with the fantastic Josh Rosenzweig, and now in episode 2 with the awesome Jesse Thorn. Jesse is the host of The Sound of Young America, and one half of Jordan, Jesse Go!

In this episode of the podCraft I talk to Jesse about his podcasts, the live shows, his guests of varying degrees of fame, and most importantly Arj Barker‘s insane amount of fame in Australia.

So check it out now.

Ira Glass on The Colbert Report

One of the podCraft’s favourites, This American Life‘s, Ira Glass was on The Colbert Report this week talking about their broadcast to movie theatres. Ira Glass is one topic of conversation in my chat with The Sound of Young America‘s, Jesse Thorn. Episode two of the podCraft will be available in the next few days. In the meantime, watch Ira and Stephen Colbert.

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The podCraft- Episode 1

Josh Rosenzweig is known for his podcast through the Here! Network. Each week he, and his recently departed co-host Sara, talk to prominent members of the GLBTI community, there’s actors, performers, activists and more.

He also has the very impressive and intimidating sounding title, Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Public Relations for Here!

His podcast is one of my favourites and my star struck awe is evident here in episode one of the podCraft.