The podCraft

Episode 3 – Boxcutters

In episode 3 of the podCraft, Jade is joined by TV aficionados Josh Kinal, Brett Cropley and John Richards of the Boxcutters podcast.

Prepare to hear one of the most rambled pre interviews known to man, left in for your listening pleasure. We talk everything from that age old gem, ‘What’s wrong with Aussie TV,’ through to the large number of Boxcutters fans that seem to hovering around the JOY studios.

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What is The podCraft?

The podCraft will profile podcast and other online media makers. It is a podcast only program presented and produced by Jade Gulliver who is the Content Producer for JOY 94.9 as well as one half of the comedy magazine show, Diff’rent Strokes. The show is produced with the assistance of JOY 94.9.

We are currently in the development phase of the program and hope to have our first podcast available in late April. In the mean time we’ll be posting updates about what you can expect coming up on the podcast. We are in the process of confirming a couple of incredibly popular podcasters for our first few shows and look forward to giving you all the details on those in the next week or so.